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Our Capture Software

The Hawkin Dynamics mobile app is simple and easy to use on phones and tablets. Use the app to capture force data and provide instant feedback – and analyze in detail later on the cloud. The app is designed around a natural user interface and enables coaches and professionals to get quality force measurements in an incredibly short period of time. 

  • Hawkin Capture is built on a simple and clear workflow – select your athlete, select your test – and go.
  • After a test is completed the user can immediately move on to the next athlete, or begin another test.
  • Groups enable filtering of your athlete lists – further enhancing the speed at which you can test a large volume of athletes at a time.



  • Designed to be intuitive and simple to any user – no typing or keyboard required.
  • Rich visual feedback for each test – including a zoomable graph and key generated metrics are presented clearly immediately after a test is finished.
  • Validated thresholds are built in so you can trust that your data is accurate.


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Countermovement Jump

The CMJ is the standard of jump testing. A repeatable and easy to perform test, the CMJ provides deep insight into athletic ability, and is a great example of a relatively slow stretch-shortening cycle (eccentric-concentric contraction).

Squat Jump

The concentric-only vertical jump gives insight into how an athlete functions without the benefit of an eccentric-loading phase. It’s the countermovement jump without the countermovement.

Drop Jump

A long-time standard test for reactivity, the drop jump requires a fast stretch-shortening cycle and gives insight into an athlete’s elasticity and reactive strength.

Isometric Test

The Isometric test is used for Isometric mid-thigh pull tests, and can be used for any other isometric test where RFD (rate of force development) is of interest. Isometric squats and isometric hamstring tests are easily performed using this protocol.

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