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Desktop App

The Moticon SCIENCE Desktop Software features a vast array of functions that allow you to work with your data in a way that suits your individual needs.  Within the App you can edit and crop your data before using customisable and automatic reports to evaluate your client or athlete. The software also allows for full data imports and exports including video synchronisation.  

Key Features

Advanced Editing

Copy, Cut, Crop,

Link & Merge


Auto Video Synch

Barcode Based Synch

No manual Editing

Multi Viewpoint

Automated Reports

4 Motion Types

Individual Configuration

PDF & Excel Export

Raw Data Access

Raw Data Export

ASCII Format

No Limitation

Import - Export

ODP Protocol

Live Data Im-/Export

Synched Data import

Live Preview

Data Widgets,

Force Pressure

& Motion

Flexible Settings

Recording Modes

Sample Rates

Sensor Setup

Smart Modes

Longterm Monitoring

Smart Recording

Sleep Mode

Extra Features

Timed Recording

Data Labelling


Software Examples and Reports

Sprinting Analysis

Easily use the synchrinisation feature to view your data along with your video

Walking/ Gait Analysis

The desktop app features several automated reports that can be customised. This example  has several elements from the gait report which includes pressure distribution and force analysis. 

Balance & Jump Analysis

It is also possible to generate automatic balance and jump reports. 

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