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See below for all Moticon accessories.  For further information please call us on 01344 623883. 

Rechargeable Coin Cells

High-performance rechargeable coin cell batteries (PD2032). These batteries are 3.7V and are the only batteries to work optimally with the Moticon System.

Warning: Do not use CR2032 (primary) or ML2032 (rechargeable) coin cells. Our Insoles require 3.7 V ±0.4 V operating voltage. Lower voltage causes malfunction.

Coin Cell Charger

Optimized for charging PD2032 coin cell batteries. Charge a pair of batteries in 1.5 – 2 hours using a Micro-USB B connector.

Product Bag

 Product bag with customised compartments for insole storage as well several zipped pockets featuring a variety of compartments to store and protect Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insoles and accessories.

Dimensions 43 x 30 x 6cm

Insole Bag

Used to store one pair of insoles of any size. Tie strap to close for added security. Lightweight nylon mesh and drawcord

Coin Cell Bag

Zipped protective bag for storing multiple sets of PD2032 Coin Cells

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