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Our Sensors

Moticon insoles feature 16 pressure sensors and a 6-axis gyroscope.  Measuring pressure, acceleration and angular rates simultaneously and completely onboard with no wires or switches is what makes this product completely unique.

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Quality Sensors

16 Pressure Sensors
6-Axis Gyroscope


No Re-Calibration
Automatic Zeroing

Flexible Sampling

10 – 100 Hz Frequency

Efficient Work

DAQ Parallelization
Infinite Active Systems


App Based Control
Live Data Streaming

Full Integration

No Cables. No Switches.
Super Slim & Robust

100% Duty Cycle

Replaceable Coin Cells
No Off Time

Time Sync

Absolute Time Stamp
Precise Left-Right Sync

Smart Recording

Completely Stand-Alone
Longterm Monitoring

Slider Images

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