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Capture data discreetly - live in the field of play.
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Wireless Inshoe Insoles

No cables, no plugs, no switches – Our insoles remove every limitation associated with traditional inshoe systems and finally allow for evidence-based testing in the field as well as uninhibited real-life research.



Sprint, jump, walk, balance, cycle, swing or measure changes or risk. Whatever it is you need to achieve, Moticon wireless sensor insoles ensure you can capture accurate and evidence based data without the usual constraints of the laboratory or gym. On board recording makes this a mobile lab ready to use on the field.


Case Studies & Publications

Whether its for clinical testing protocols such as falls risk assessments or for long term profiling, Moticon wireless sensor insoles revolutionise how clinics and research institutions gather data.  We have a number of case studies and publications where Moticon insoles have been used succesfully.

The Highest Specifications

The Moticon SCIENCE Sensor Insole is a professional measurement tool for sensing foot dynamics. It is tailored for gait and motion analysis in clinical research and sports. The sensor insole is fully integrated, highly flexible and incorporates all technological components to execute standalone measurements. No cables or external devices are required for data acquisition.

About Moticon

Moticon revolutionized professional wearable technology with the introduction of the first fully integrated OpenGo Sensor Insole for motion analysis in 2013.

Moticon products are the most simple and efficient way to improve performance, prevent injuries, and accelerate return-to-play. Moticon uses highly sophisticated technology that is accessible to every professional in healthcare, industry and sports. This enables superior evidence based coaching and treatment in real time, rather than in the lab..

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